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4 Stocks Today's Trading Menu 3 December 2021

December 03, 2021


PT MNC Sekuritas recommends 4 selected stocks that can be used as trading menus in today's trading, Friday 3 December 2021, in the midst of the condition of the Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) which is still volatile.

Through the December 3, 2021 edition of MNC Daily Scope Wave, the MNC Sekuritas Research Team explained that in yesterday's trading (2/12), the JCI closed up 1.2% to a level of 6.583 accompanied by an increase in trading volume.

As long as the JCI is not corrected below the 6.480 level as support, we estimate that the JCI is currently at the beginning of wave (b) of wave [a] on the blue label or wave [b] of wave B on the red label.

“This means that the JCI has the opportunity to strengthen to test 6,620-6,650 first. Support: 6,480, 6,392 and Resistance: 6,640, 6,750.”

The 4 stock options that can be used as a trading menu in today's trading are:

1. UNTR – Buy on Weakness (23,225)

UNTR closed significantly higher, by 5.4% to 23,225 in yesterday's trading (2/12), the strengthening of UNTR was still restrained by its MA60. It is estimated that UNTR's position is currently in the part of wave [a] of wave B, so UNTR has the opportunity to continue its strengthening again. Recommendation: Buy on Weakness: 22,800-23,225 with Target Price: 23,725, 25,000 and Stoploss: below 21,975.

2. BBCA – Buy on Weakness (7,500)

BBCA closed up 2.7% to the level of 7,500 in yesterday's trading (2/12), the strengthening of BBCA also penetrated its MA20 although the volume was not as big as the previous day. As long as BBCA does not correct below 7.175 as the support, it is estimated that BBCA's position is at the beginning of wave 5 of wave (3). Recommendation: Buy on Weakness: 7,375-7,500 with Target Price: 7,600, 7,800 and Stoploss: below 7,175.

3. TOWR – Spec Buy (1,175)

Yesterday (2/12), TOWR closed down 0.4% to 1.175 level and yesterday's TOWR was still restrained by its MA20. As long as TOWR does not correct below 1.130 as the support, it is estimated that TOWR's current position is at the beginning of wave C of wave (B). This means, TOWR has the opportunity to turn stronger. Recommendation: Buy Spec: 1.155-1.175 with Target Price: 1.250, 1.315 and Stoploss: below 1.130.

4. SMGR – Spec Buy (8.075)

In yesterday's trading (2/12), SMGR closed down 0.3% to 8,075. It is estimated that the current position of SMGR is at the end of wave X of wave (B), so that the movement of SMGR is estimated to have the opportunity to reverse stronger. Recommendation: Spec Buy: 8,000-8.075 with Target Price: 8,825, 9,250 and Stoploss: below 7,800.